Isabella of Aragon

Isabella of Aragon

Isabella of Aragon e Leonardo da Vinci were lovers?

According to the German scholar Maike Vogt-Luerseen, Yup.

In fact, the historical goes much further, stating that the Tuscan genius and the Duchess of Milan They married in secret and had five children.

Two of them, Antonio and Maria, They would be buried in Convent of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples and a riesumazione with their relative exam of the Dna, It could say much on this hypothesis, in one direction or another.

Furthermore, according to Vogt-Luerseen, the face of the famous Gioconda It would not be to Lisa Gherardini (you see e, as supported by most experts, but just to Isabella of Aragon.

also on Leonardo body the researcher says his.

The official version wants him buried in Amboise, in France, but according to her it will also find in Naples.

The study is complex, since it involves various disciplines, such as anthropology and paleopathology, but could shed new light on Leonardo's private life, we know very little.

They await further developments.

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