Caterina di Meo Lippi

Leonardo was the son of Catherine Meo Lippi?

Caterina Meo Lippi was the mother of Leonardo da Vinci?


The scholars believe Martin Kemp, art historian, e Giuseppe Pallanti, researcher, but actually, over the centuries, assumptions on the identity of the Renaissance genius mother were varied.

The truth is that Leonardo's private life remains largely obscure, as well as his family background.

Sometimes certain information, however, we have it.

Di Leonardo certainly was the illegitimate son of Piero Da Vinci and a young woman named Catherine, but it has never been identified with absolute certainty, Although the thesis of Kemp and Pallanti appears quite likely.

Caterina di Meo Lippi, of humble social background, would give birth to the future artist and scientist just 16 years.

Less plausible theory that he would be the son of a slave Middle East.

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