Pico della Mirandola

Portrait of Pico della Mirandola

Pico della Mirandola, great humanist and philosopher of the '400, He was poisoned with arsenic.

It took five centuries to solve the case, but scientific analyzes leave no doubt.

Biological, chemical and physical tests on the mummified body of the illustrious Italian intellectual fact, definitely clarify the causes of death, occurred in 1494, which appeared immediately mystery.

Pico had time only 32 years and it was speculated that he surrendered to syphilis, but now the nail vision with the scanning electron microscope, clarifies the cold case once and for all: the presence of an evident trace whitish demonstrates contact with a massive dose of arsenic.

buried in Convent of San Marco in Florence, the remains of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, this is his full name, They are well preserved and complete with all parts.

The man rests near the remains of Agnolo Poliziano e Girolamo Benivieni.

to know more click here: https://www.repubblica.it/scienze/2018/11/16/news/pico_della_mirandola_fu_avvelenato_con_l_arsenico-211825102/ (Photo gives: favaraweb.com).