medieval Kitchen. The croutons and leek were Christmas but not only

From the site, carry a Medieval Christmas recipe that can easily be accommodated on the table today.

To make toasted bread with leeks:
Take the white of the leek and cut it fine , simmer in wine, oil and salt until 'cooked; toasting bread and Place it in the dishes, pouring over the hot sauce and servants.
Per 6 people
6 leeks, 1 cup dry white wine, 6 slices of bread toasted homemade, salt and pepper, extra virgin olive oil.
Cut the leeks into thin slices and put them to cook in a pan with the oil; when they wilted pours the wine and let it evaporate.
Cover and cook over low heat for 30 minutes until the leeks will be reduced to cream, add salt and pepper.
Spread the mixture on hot toast, add a little oil and raw servants (Photo gives: