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How about trying the Pan Spicy at Christmas?

It is shortly to parties and, as every year, at this time I will return to post Christmas recipes of the past (you see also
The following is taken from the website, partner of History Pills, It is simple and very tasty.
therefore, Pan Spicy doing so:
“Per 6 people: 150 gr. of sugar, 1 cup honey, 100 pinenuts, 2 teaspoons ground ginger.
In a saucepan, possibly copper, Melt over low heat the sugar and the honey being careful not to burn.
When the mixture will be 'a beautiful deep golden color remove from heat, add the pine nuts and ginger, mix well and pour on a greased marble top oil.
Cut this crisp diamond pattern and let it cool.
To keep it in a tin can be wrapped in transparent paper” (Photo gives: