vegan diet

Leonardo and the Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci followed a vegan diet?

On Love huge that genius of the Renaissance fed to animals I have written other post (you see e, but what she ate?

"There will come a day when the killing of animals will be treated as that of humans" Leonardo wrote, directing his life and his power to this purely nonviolent philosophy.

On the fact that his power was completely meat-free, and that the Leonardo was vegan diet, there are many trials, however in "Quick" Giorgio Vasari He tells how often he went in markets or fairs to buy animals only in order to free them immediately "Moving from the places where they sold birds, of his hand Cavandoli cage and pagatogli who sold them the price they asked was no, He leaves them in the air in flight, by returning the lost freedom "

A vegan diet can be a choice that can change your life, also following the example of Leonardo.

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Ideal for those who do not want to cook and for those who want to change power (Photo gives: free will).