puffy eyes

Advertising “vintage”

I quote from Health and Beauty Manual To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), two recipes and some advice to remedy the problem of puffy eyes.

The text reads:

“When the eyes are swollen they particularly recommend light massages:

Castor oil gr.5

grease gr.5

Olive oil gr.5

Tannin gr.0,50

gallic acid 0,50

or even:

grease gr.30

Balm of Mecca gr.5

Turns gr.0,50

Tannin gr.025

Brocchieri Gr.10 of Water

Take a gentle massage around the eye after washing water to fioraliso.

The fig milk, the water lettuce, the fennel water are excellent for washing Eye.

They avoid the swelling of the pupils.

Often, in the morning, the awakening, when you are not sleeping enough or when he has a bad digestion, the eyes are swollen and you must then do light lunches and take healthy nutrition, excluding drugs.

The bags that form under the eye are often manifestations of arthritism and it is therefore necessary to monitor the gut and avoid all alcoholic beverages.

In this case, the vegetarian diet will salutarissimo” (you see also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/11915/storia-contemporanea/pomata-per-unghie-fai-da-te) (Photo gives: donna.nanopress.it).