ointment for nails

Nail Art anni '30

The following is a recipe for preparing a ointment for nails with natural ingredients (you see also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/4949/storia-contemporanea/smalto-per-unghie-1906).

E’ It is taken from a manual hygiene and beauty 1906, To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano), rage at our great grandmothers.

I quote:

“When the nails are brittle, vitree, ungetele every evening with an ointment prepared in the following manner:

Almond oil gr. 30

Wax white gr. 50

rosin gr. 5

Turns gr. 1

Melt over low heat the white wax and rosin oil; afterwards add alum powder” (Photo gives: grazia.it).