toothpaste coal

Vintage Advertising. The toothpaste coal whitened teeth

After a long time I come on post History Pills the natural recipes drawn from the Health and Beauty To be belle (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), Manual well known from the beginning of the twentieth century ladies.

The following is the recipe to prepare a home toothpaste coal, an ingredient with a strong sanitizing power and bleaching.

I quote:

“The pastes based coal, who do not have it fell pleasant, They are excellent from the point of view.

Here's the breakdown of one of these pastries.

You will get a more consistent paste with honey, according to the following formula:

Charcoal powder gr. 30

Honey white gr. 30

Powdered sugar gr. 30

China powder gr. 15

drops of mint essence 5

If you prefer, you can replace the essence of mint with another essence”.

It seems that this toothpaste to help coal not just our great grandmothers to show off a dazzling smile (Photo gives: