Lorenzo de Medici

Bust of Lorenzo de Medici

Lorenzo de Medici He was a passionate man.

If his youth was marked by a series of more or less important relationships, the best known of which is the one with Lucrezia Donati, the maturity was not far behind.

Indeed, it seems that the great patron, although initially only she had contracted a political marriage Clarice Orsini (you see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/6075/storia-moderna/nozze-magnifiche-lorenzo-magnifico), is subsequently able to establish with her a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

Left early widower with several dependent children, however,, the Magnificent did not resign himself to chastity.

Here's what he writes Francesco Guicciardini about his latest flame:

“His last love, and that lasted many years, Fu Bartolome de’ Our, wife of Donato Benci in which, although not be formosa, but manner and gentle, It was so impaniato, a vernata that she stayed in villa, Florence started five or six hours at night on the items with more mates and used to visit, nevertheless partendosene to that now, that the first day morning Fusse in Florence”.

in conclusion, apparently, the fiery nature of Lorenzo de Medici had the better of the cold, about the disease (he suffered from gotta o in acromegalia. You see https://www.osservatoriomalattierare.it/acromegalia/12445-lorenzo-il-magnifico-soffriva-di-acromegalia) and the double bonds (other) (Photo gives: twitter.com).