The doctors 2

Daniel Sharman and Bradley James are Lorenzo and Giuliano in The Doctors 2

He is coming to an end The 2-Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent, the fiction historian who for several weeks has kept millions of viewers glued to your video (you see

The last two episodes, the seventh e the eighth, will be aired Tuesday 13 November in prime time on Rai Uno.

Below the plot.

Nell’episode seven, by title Betrayal, Pazzi mature in the desire to physically eliminate the Doctors.

Start now to take shape and the dense underground network of intrigues and lies that will result in what is known to history as the Pazzi conspiracy.

Victims designated the young Lorenzo and Giuliano.

With the complicity of Pope Sixtus IV, the plotters tend a trap to the Medici, that should be poisoned at a banquet, but a sudden indisposition sends Giuliano plans to air.

It decides to go the next day, during the Mass in the Duomo of Florence.

In the eighth episode, Consecration, Doctors are launching the Pazzi to what their intentions should be the fatal blow.

Among the sacred walls of Santa Maria del Fiore Thus began one of the most violent and tragic pages of the whole history of Florence.

Julian is stabbed and dies in agony, while Lorenzo, though wounded, able to save himself by turning in the sacristy together with Clarice wife and mother Lucrezia.

Jacopo, He believed to be rid of the Medici, occupies Palazzo Vecchio proclaiming a new Republic, but it is wrong: when Lorenzo reappears in public, the crowd turns against the Pazzi.

Start carnage.

Jacopo, Francesco and Salviati are hanged, other managers will be executed in the following months.

Lorenzo is mad with grief and rage, but supported by his wife and his friend Sandro Botticelli, It convinces to banish only, and not to kill, her brother William.

The doctors 2 It ends with the pope's declaration of war and Botticelli pledged to put his hand to one of his masterpieces, the Spring (Photo gives: