Medici 2

Daniel Sharman is Lorenzo the Magnificent in The Doctors 2

The sixth episode of The 2-Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent, will air 6 November Raiuno prime time.

The episode title is alliance.

The truce between the Medici and the Pazzi, because of Jacopo, it's over: taking advantage of a moment of difficulty of Lorenzo, the latter foments a rebellion in Città di Castello.

Giuliano is concerned with pacifying the situation, but it also does to distract and overcome the sorrow for the end of his relationship with Simonetta (you see

Young believes that women do not love him, oblivious to the fact that it is rather seriously ill.

Pope Sixtus IV declares war in Citta di Castello and Jacopo Pazzi is a candidate as standard-bearer of Florence.

Clarice is still proving a valuable time and find a solution that suits both families.

Mindful of the carnage of Volterra, which still feels guilty, Lorenzo wants to avoid further bloodshed, then breaks the siege and is allied with the Sforza.

Everything good, until Sforza is not assassinated in Milan…

Meanwhile Giuliano is desperate: Simonetta dies in his arms (Photo gives: