The doctors 2

The 2-Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent. A scene

After the success of the first two nights, Tuesday 6 November of Raiuno will be aired the fifth and the sixth installment of the fiction tv The Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent.

The episode's title is number five Bonds.

The Medici and Florence are experiencing a period of peace: love finally blossomed between Lorenzo and his wife Clarice leads to the birth of a child, while the new-found friendship with Francesco Pazzi, appeases strife and rancor within the city.

But the newfound harmony lasts little.

The new threat is by Pope Sixtus IV, that takes possession of Imola.

To ensure that the city remains in the hands of family, Lorenzo has the idea to establish beyond, as a representative, his brother Giuliano, but none of it.

The boy is infatuated with the beautiful (she is married) Simonetta Vespucci (you see, Muse Sandro Botticelli, and he does not want to leave her (Photo gives: