Nero husbands

Nerone. In addition to Three Wives, The Emperor also had 2 husbands

Nerone not only she loved and married women (you see

The emperor was able to outbursts of love and impetuous, sometimes, also unscrupulous, even in a culture of free customs as was the Roman.

In particular, the bizarre monarch He lost his head for two men.

The first was the young castrated quite a few, whose delicate features and feminine reminded him of his wife Poppea, recently he died by his own hand (you see

Nero was convinced that the boy was the reincarnation of the deceased spouse and during the journey she married in Greece.

Probably it was a mutual and sincere feeling, Sporo since stayed close to the beloved even in difficult times, the same as everyone else abandoned him, until the tragic death.

In the course of his life Nero fell in love even Pythagoras, a freedman that the sources describe beautiful.

This too was a serious story resulted in marriage, only this time the Emperor preferred to assume the role of wife.

The wedding was celebrated with great pomp and a sumptuous banquet in the Campus Martius during the Saturnalia 64 d. C. (Photo gives: