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The Swedish Count Hans Axel von Fersen It was almost certainly the great love of the French queen Maria Antonietta.

In fact the true nature of their relationship, a topic that has been spilled rivers of ink, in many ways it does not understand and is destined, probably, to remain a mystery.

According to many historians this was a passionate and sincere romantic relationship lasting a lifetime, according to others, to bring together the two young men were only the mutual esteem and affection, also due to the deep conviction monarchical Fersen.

On one aspect, however, there is no doubt: they both went to a meeting tragic fate.

If the guillotine died too soon of Marie Antoinette's life in the late morning 16 October 1793 (you see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/8551/storia-moderna/esecuzione-di-maria-antonietta-in-un-film-del-1938-con-video), his faithful friend had no better luck.

The tragic end of Fersen fits in the dramatic context of the riots that shook Sweden in 1809, When, after a military coup, the Gustavo Adolfo re IV He was forced to abdicate in order to allow the ascent to the throne Carlo XIII, more liberal ideas.

The earl paid dearly for his support turned to Gustavo.

When Cristiano Augusto, adopted son of the new monarch and his legitimate successor died in circumstances that appeared mysterious, Fersen was accused of poisoning him and, during the funeral, it was lynched by the crowd.

It was the 20 June 1810, the anniversary of the failed escape Varennes.

Later it was ascertained that the heir to the throne had died of natural causes, Fersen was so innocent.

The nobleman was buried in’Ostergotland, in Church Ljungs, where it still rests (Photo gives: en.wikipedia.org).