Ship wreck

The Greek merchant ship wreck found in the depths of the Black Sea

Found in Black Sea the wreck of the oldest ship in the world (Forse or not? You see

The boat, identified at a depth of more than 2000 meters, It is virtually intact, Full tree, stations for the rowers and rudder.

the boat, certainly used for trade, It dates back to classical Greece (400 a.C. circa).

The interesting discovery, which fits in’ broad and ambitious underwater research program called Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project, It is due to a team of scholars led by’ English archaeologist Joe Adams.

The organic characteristics of the Black Sea waters, the high depth and the absolute lack of oxygen, They have allowed the ship, volumes about 25 meters, It is perfectly preserved until today.

At least for the moment, the finding will not be moved and brought to the surface, but we await further developments (Photo gives: