The doctors 2

Daniel Sharman is Lorenzo the Magnificent in the TV drama The Doctors 2

Plot the fourth episode of the fiction television The doctors 2-Lorenzo the magnificent (, by title “The blood money”.

A Volterra It is found a field alum, a very valuable mineral for the processing of tissues.

To avoid any conflict with the Pope, which has a monopoly, Lorenzo has made arrangements with the friend of Volterra Stefano Maffei.

Again, however,, Jacopo Pazzi He can not help but weave their sinister plots in an attempt to damage the Doctors: Maffei is killed and Volterra breaks out war Lorenzo, despite efforts, He fails to stop.

Volterra was sacked and many of its inhabitants massacred.

Lorenzo, lover of the Arts, humanist, poet, patron and man by nature inclined to peace and tolerance, It is wracked with guilt.

In a difficult moment, however,, Doctors discovered the young man to have alongside an unexpected ally, the wife Clarice, that after the betrayal remains close and puts it in its decisions, helping to solve major issues.

Among other, to contribute to an excellent alliance with Venice and to a rapprochement between the husband and Francesco Pazzi, It favors marriage between it and a Venetian noblewoman.

The estimate of Lorenzo against Clarice increases and soon, what began as a simple convenience agreement, it becomes a bond of love (Photo gives: