The doctors 2

The 2-Medici Lorenzo the Magnificent

The new season of fiction I Medici 2-Masters of Florence ( It began tonight, his Rai Uno, with the first two episodes.

Below is the plot of the third installment, by title “Obstacles and opportunities”.

After his election, New Pope Sixtus IV Archbishop of Pisa appointment Salviati, related to the Pazzi, long been bitter rivals of the Medici.

Lorenzo, now lord of Florence, to protect squeezes a trade agreement with Sforza and prevents Salviati to go in Pisa.

Complicating the situation comes the elopement of Bianca de Medici and William Pazzi, lovers always despite the profound disagreements existing between their families, a circumstance that James tries to exploit it to their advantage to compromise Signoria in the alliance with Milan proposed by the Medici.

Lorenzo, that no one knows how to be generous and magnanimous, to promote the happiness of her sister makes a proposal to Jacopo: his consent to the marriage in exchange for the appointment of Salviati.

Jacopo accepts, sure he could in order to blow up the deal with Milan, but things do not go as hoped.

The front sentimental in the meantime, It is somewhat turbulent: while Giuliano Woo, secretly from her husband, the beautiful Simonetta Vespucci, Clarice Orsini, recently the wife of Lorenzo, He discovers the relationship between her husband and his lover historical Lucrezia Donati, also married.

The series consists of around eight episodes, that will be transmitted in four evenings (Photo gives: