look Oscar Wilde

The eccentric look of Oscar Wilde

Attention seeker, quirky and ingenious, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) It is one of dandy the most famous in history.

Irish, son of an eye doctor and a poet, in the writer's life, one of the greatest of contemporary literature, It is also famous for the’original way of dressing (read https://www.pilloledistoria.it/4283/storia-contemporanea/sorriso-guasto-oscar-wilde).

But what was the look habitual author of The portrait of Dorian grey and other immortal masterpieces?

The young, usually, he wore long pants to the knee, showy colorful tie and velvet jacket with wide collar folded.

This style, he considered the most suitable for refined esthete who claimed to be, He helped to make it a character well beyond even his exceptional artistic talent.

The rest, well dressed, it was impossible to go unnoticed, This does not mind at all to Wilde, he loved being the center.

As for ironic that inevitably aroused in others, he only had to respond with the same spirit that always distinguished biting his complex personality and outside the lines (Photo gives: totalita.it).