Self-portrait by Raphael

Guardarne A portrait of a young man with an angelic face and delicate, it seems hard to imagine him as a dashing lover and libertine, but yet Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520), in the words of Giorgio Vasari, fu “loving person very fond of women and carnal pleasures”, till, perhaps, to morirci.

Raffaello, the greatest painter of Renaissance, He died on the night of 6 April 1520, Good Friday, because of a temperature which occurred for several days “after messy than usual”.

In simple terms, according to Vasari, the young artist, just thirty-seven, It would be the victim of its own excesses love.


malattia venereal?

Given the limited medical knowledge of the time, it is virtually impossible to trace with certainty the causes that led to premature death of the brilliant Italian talent (Click here to learn more: viaggiatoricheignorano.blogspot.com/2018/05/gli-eccessi-amorosi-che-uccisero.html) , but he was a real heartthrob women it is a fact.

In 1520, Year of death, Raphael had long braided overwhelming relationship with Margherita Luti, a beautiful girl who did not fail to portray in various works, and better known as La Fornarina (She was the daughter of a baker); Always eager to keep her love, when he was called to Rome to fresco the loggia of the Palazzo della Farnesina of Agostino Chigi, the painter demanded and obtained that his beloved could move there with him.

On the young possess little biographical information, many of which are closer to the legend that the historical truth, However, some scholars believe that, after marrying Raphael secretly, It has withdrawn into a convent after being widowed (Photo gives: artribune.com).