Galileo Galilei

A passage from the letter “heretic” Galileo Galilei addressed to his friend Benedetto Castelli

Magazine Nature gave news of the discovery, last 2 August in London in a library Royal Society, of the letter which cost Galileo Galilei on charges of heresy and its process.

The discovery is due to Italian Salvatore Ricciardo, University of Bergamo.

The finding consists of a manuscript seven-page dated 21 December 1613 in which the scientist, identificatosi by his initials G.G., he spoke with Brescia Benedetto Castelli his revolutionary theory on the Sun-Earth movement, opposite to that advocated by the Church for centuries.

document, until now, They were available only a few copies and two versions, one of which, preserved in the Vatican Archives and dated 7 February 1615, It was sent to the Inquisition, precisely to the Dominican Niccolò Lorini.

Now that you finally have available the original letter, you can study, as it has already started doing, every detail, including alleged harsh tones that Galileo, as alleged by his accusers, It would use from ecclesiastical authorities.

For this and many other questions will try to answer in a short time.

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