Maria Stuarda in bridal white dress

The 24 April 1558 Maria Stuarda (1542-1587) he married Dauphin of France, Then the king by the name of II, She is wearing a dress which sparked immediate outcry for a reason that our eyes looks rather bizarre: era White.

In reality, before her, already the princess Philippa of England, in 1406, He was tie the knot with Erik in Danimarca dressed in a white robe, but the choice of the beautiful and unfortunate Scottish queen (you see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/3839/storia-moderna/pittura-storia-maria-stuarda-patibolo) provoked endless chatter and reprobation because the white, in France, was the color of the queens in mourning.

We do not know why Stuart decided to break the centuries-old tradition by opting for a tint so unusual at the time for an occasion like marriage, but the decision probably depended on the very young and the related virginity of, just fifteen.

When the equally young husband died after only two years because of an infection, It was a few people believe that the gesture had brought misfortune.

However, by a decidedly more frivolous point of view, we can say that Mary Stuart was an innovator in the field of wedding fashion, having promoted a trend which later became, in the West, appreciated and deeply rooted tradition, namely that of’white dress on their wedding day (Photo gives: coifiocchi.it).