A table prepared. Generally, the eating habits of the French peasants in the Napoleonic era became healthier, but still he existed some bad habit of the past

In general, the living conditions in French countryside during the’Napoleonic empire They improved under several aspects, including feeding, and the farmers began to afford “lussi” until recently unthinkable before.

While it is remaining in fact frugal, The daily diet was enriched with new flavors and dishes became more substantial; in particular, in the traditional and ubiquitous pottage, They made their appearance on cheese, the lard, sometimes chicken e, in the areas closer to the coast, the fish.

The pane instead, who he never failed, and formed the basis of the same meal, He continued to be achieved by mixing a mixture of wheat, rye and barley (your this milling), while wine, beer and cider became frequently present on the tables.

Only then, healthy habits?

Not exactly, or rather, not only, because some bad habit still existed, first of all, the one of edulcorare food with hazardous substances, such an unhealthy habit as old unfortunately hard to eradicate: the sale It was often mixed with chalk, terra, saltpeter and, even, all’arsenic, all’vinegar It was sometimes added vitriol and beer i hall arsenical (Photo gives: