Josephine Beauharnais, Napoleon's first wife, with a dress “Empire style”

The French women's fashion of the First Empire, from 1804 al 1814, He diverged greatly from the previous one: via trappings, laces, damasks, wigs and exaggerated widths (just think of the basket https://www.pilloledistoria.it/2583/storia-moderna/moda-femminile-700-panier), it became much more simple and convenient.

Generally, one that will go down in history as the “Empire style”, provided white or light-colored clothing, then the total absence of color, to give the figure look as similar as possible to that of the ancient statues of Classical Greece, which also they were inspired by the lines and cuts.

Just take a look at the paintings of the time to see what the item of clothing of choice: clothing with fluid lines and slipped ankle-length marked by a waist that he was no longer at the waist, but under the breast.

The set proved simple and harmonious, decidedly feminine.

The matter for the realization of the clothes were very fine and light, with obvious transparencies; the Indian muslin It was one of the most popular fabrics and almost always was embellished with elegant embroideries.

If the ladies were cold, they were allowed to cover shoulders and neckline with one shawl cashmere Indian, a must coveted how expensive (Photo gives: pinterest.it).