Caligola. The nickname came from the murky ', the typical Roman military footwear

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (12-41 d.C.), son of Germanic, one of the leaders of the bravest and most loved’Ancient Rome (you see reigning as the Gaius Caesar, It has gone down in history as Caligola, but why?

The calighe were robust military sandals worn by soldiers; thick leather sole reinforced by wide and pointed nails ensure a perfect grip even on the most difficult terrains, while the strips, Always Leather, that laced around the foot and ankle, They kept them well adherent to the leg and allowed the fingers could be discovered, to avoid problems caused by the leather rubbing on the skin during the marches.

If you are wondering what has this to do with the Emperor…

Well, because Germanicus used to take still small son with him on military campaigns, He ended that Gaius Caesar became a sort of mascot He loved and spoiled by his subordinates, they nicknamed the baby “caligola”, or “little murky '“.

in conclusion, a bit’ what to call “scarpetta”, a nickname very tender, sweet and utterly at odds with what became the personality of the party once he was grown, a man who looked not anything heroic father and so crazy and bloodthirsty to be counted as one of the worst emperors dell'Urbe (you see, e (Photo gives: