Psyche chamber era umbertine

If you're lucky enough to have inherited family, antique markets you can still find one of furnishing It did more anger in Europe over 800: the psyche.

Never heard of it?

The appearance, however,, I'm sure, You know it all: with this term in fact, a particular model is indicated by oscillating mirror, which could be by floor or table, invented at the end of '700 and had great success in the next century, so that there was probably a single household in which he was not present at least one specimen.

The shape of the cabinet was quite simple and straightforward, since it consisted, generally, enclosed in a mirror inside a fixed wooden frame, through pivot screws, two lateral uprights in turn resting on shaped supports; sometimes it was present, down, a drawer.

Widely used in England, the psyche however enjoyed its heyday in France during the’Empire, era where there are still beautiful examples today, as that achieved by Jacob design by Percier currently kept at the Château de Compiègne.

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