Treatment of Hemorrhoids in antiquity. In the seventh century. d.C. the Fiacro monaco proposed a cure “soft” compared to those generally in use

In this post, which refers to Middle Ages, I wrote about how and why suffer hemorrhoids at the time it was by no means a walk:

a brutal “tore up” (in the hope that the doctor was quite skilled with his hands) one one red-hot iron, They were about the only possibilities that patients were available for groped to heal and heal (which it was far from obvious, because sometimes, pain of the moment apart, It did nothing but worsen the situation).

If the red-hot iron was the proposed election of the technique already medical school of Hippocrates (V sec. a.C.), it is true that just over a thousand years later Fiacro, Irish monaco lived in the seventh century A.D., He had proposed a much less bloody solution: sit on a hot stone.

However, if and how this method soft against hemorrhoids worked, we do not know (Photo gives: