Pompeii overwhelmed by the fury of Vesuvius; the destruction of the city occurred on 24 August or 24 October year 79 d.C.

Pompei He was buried by lava Vesuvio in 79 d.C., that's for sure, but the precise day the event is not clear: see why.

Pliny the Younger He described the frightening incident in two letters addressed to Tacit and in the variant considered the most reliable of the manuscript of one of them, it is read, textually, “ninth March. Septembers”, which means nine days before the Kalends of September, therefore 24 August, date which therefore is that “official” the catastrophe.

However, not all scholars agree, mainly because of some archaeological finds which would be incompatible with this time of year, or the height of summer; the wine must in the process of aging still enclosed within sealed containers, some types of dried fruits and the presence of braziers, usually used to warm up, would leaning more for fall.

To all this is added the presence, in loco, of a currency which refers to the fifteenth cheer of Titus in Rome Emperor, occurred after September 8 79, therefore incompatible with a date previous to it.

As things, therefore?

In what precise day came the destruction of Pompeii?

Probably it was a clerical error on the part of the copyist: 24 August instead of 24 October (Photo gives: