male prostitution

The Roman emperor Hadrian and his young lover Antinous

Not only he lived in female prostitution’Ancient Rome (you see e although with characters and different rules than it in fact, in the large, varied and decidedly uninhibited sexual scene of’city, the male prostitution a space was not insignificant, even becoming a luxury for the few, those that, that had the economic availability to afford the favor of offering performance youngsters.

Unlike female colleagues, men cost him much more; according to what is asserted by Cato the Elder, some of his “swerved concittadini“, part of male prostitution, They came to pay sums of money that would have been enough to buy a farm.

Actually in Roman culture, in general, It made no big difference if consumed straight or gay relationships, since counting it was mainly role who took: nothing to say if it was an active, dominant, while that was misjudged and passive object of ridicule (It was the same for Julius Caesar about his relationship with Nicomede di Bitinia:

Because of that, if a Roman citizen “good” wanted a partner Male for fleeting amorous encounters, to avoid being mocked, necessarily it had to choose a slave (you see (Photo gives: