A beautiful image of Venice

A History Pills The warning came a blog devoted entirely to Venezia and the many ways to discover the incomparable historic beauty, art and landscape: I bring it verbatim.






Venezia, the capital of the Veneto region, sits on more than 100
small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea.

In this city there are no roads but channels, including the Large channel,
flanked by Renaissance and Gothic buildings.

On the central square, Piazza San Marco, there are the Basilica of San Marco,
enriched by Byzantine mosaics, and bell tower of San Marco, whence
you can see the red roofs of the city. (Source Wikipedia)

Now with VeniceWaterBike you can book in less than 2 minutes
an incredible experience between the channels of the city.

Book your tour guided among the beauties of Venice , you can choose from various tour
a according to your needs and abilities.

The tours we offer are:

STANDARD TOUR (Architectural Beauties)
It includes a visit to the old town and neighboring canals: great if you want
see Venice and its architectural beauty

DAILY TOUR (Historical context)
The tour more appropriate to understand the historical context of the city.

There condurremmo the most intimate channels and in all those beautiful views of

NIGHT TOUR (Magic After sunset)
This city is even more magical after dark , the waters subside and
traffic slows: live and breathe the real Venice at night
experiencing the magic of the Grand Canal will be

SPECIAL ALBA TOUR (Intimacy and tranquility)
An excursion in the calm waters and magic of the city while still
Sleeping Beauty waiting to see the magic of the rising sun.

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