Men's fashion of the '400 (by Giovanni di Ser Giovanni): separate socks with pants “to view”

In the picture you can see attached a special de The game civettino, work of Giovanni di Ser Giovanni (1406-1486), brother of the more famous Masaccio; The painting dates from 1450 and it shows us an interesting insight into the daily life of a Florence, also from the point of view of fashion.

The two young blonde portraits on the left who engage in street game called “the civettino” indeed, have, as you can see, the underwear on display, result of an article of men's clothing in vogue: the socks “separate”.

Each leg, as seen, She was wrapped in a single leg that started from very tight foot and came to the groin, the height of which was connected to the doublet by means of laces or buttons; the central area of ​​the body, just in correspondence of the genitals, remained discovery, leaving people literally “in his underwear”.

This type of garment was used throughout the fourteenth and the first half of the fifteenth century, until it was replaced in part by calzabraga, a type of time ante litteram (you see: ) or supplemented by codpiece, an unusual, funny and cheeky “bag” that, instead of hiding, He ended up putting too highlight and enhance virility (I treat the topic in a special post) (Photo gives: