Adoration of the Magi by Luca Signorelli (particular): the two young men depicted wearing the typical fifteenth calzabraga

What you see in the image is reproduced of a particular’Adoration of the Magi (1495) of Luca Signorelli: the two boys wearing the typical portraits calzabraga then in fashion.

Practically, as can be seen, it was true leggings avant la lettre, if so strictly male, that perfectly bandaged legs and buttocks, remaining clinging on the body; This type of calzabraga was the evolution of the previous separate stockings, also intended only to men, they had the disadvantage of leaving “underwear” to view.

These new narrow “pants”, They were characterized by bright colors and patterns rather eccentric, who were not random but were on a heraldic meaning ben must, since resumed colors and patterns of the insignia of the family membership; in the same way, however,, they could indicate, Unlike, a lower social status, of subordination.

The calzebraghe remained in vogue until the '500 (Photo gives: