Persecution of Christians in Rome. The rulers spread the absurd rumor that they were addicted to orgies and incest

The Christianity He has revolutionized the world and has been a major cause, as many scholars believe, of the the end of the Roman Empire, which for centuries it had based its power on principles antithetical to those professed by members of this new religion.

It is not surprising therefore that she and her followers were disliked by the rulers, the majority of which are in fact, put into effect against them brutal repression, but not even disdain to use the subtle weapon and mean the lie that the public had a negative image of them and distorted.

On Christians spread the most absurd rumors: it was said that “They do cause disasters” because of the obstinate refusal to worship the pagan gods, but also that they were used to meet secretly in secret places to indulge in wild orgies, incest e, even, per children eating.

In principle, even the most simple and naive Romans took seriously these obvious nonsense, but most of them, at least initially, She had a negative view of Christians and considered them bad citizens: the scriptures on which their beliefs are based at the bottom, announcing the advent of a new kingdom, in clear and sharp opposition to the existence of the Empire, as he was not seen at all kindly to repeated their desire not to burn incense in honor of the day of his birthday (Photo gives: ).