hiroo onoda

Hiroo Onoda

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hiroo onoda

Hiroo Onoda elder

The 15 August 1945, l’Emperor Hirohito he announced surrender of Japan, the release of

bomb had decreed their defeat, could do was communicate to the whole world.
So it was that ended World War II.
But not for everyone: There was a soldier Hiroo Onoda who continued to fight for others 29 years,
because he did not believe it was over.
Who is Hiroo Onoda
Hiroo Onoda he enlisted in the army at twenty Japanese, He was very patriotic and became
a rigid sergeant and dutiful.
When the war started he was recalled and became a member of "Futamata Bunko di Nakano
trained in espionage techniques, and those of
In 1944 his battalion was sent to a small island in the Philippines, l'isola Hole:
They had to impede the advance of the enemy and ordered him to never give up, until further
The 28 February underwent a massive attack by the Americans, Onoda and three companions
They fled the attack by hiding in the mountains.
The orders received were clear: ..The is absolutely forbidden to surrender and die
by his own hand.
It might take a long time, but we'll go back to resume.
In Meanwhile, until there will be one man left, she will guide you to complete the
Under no circumstances will have to take his own life.
The mission failed, the officers on the island surrendered, most of the Japanese military
she died, those remaining decided to surrender but himself and three of his fellow soldiers.
From that moment they decided to hide in the forest, They lived in poverty, stealing the
local population, He writes in the book that he had fed on the bark of trees.
They continued their war staff, ignoring the messages that came from the outside,
they thought it was a trick to get them to surrender.
In 1949 one of them, tired to eat only berries and bark, He went and returned
They sent aircraft and fired photos and letters from relatives, but nothing, they continued to
think it was a strategy of the enemy to force them to surrender.
The years passed, and they continued the battle against the Islanders .
In 1972 He died on his last companion then left alone.
The expectation of Hiroo Onoda
In 1974 a student Norio Suzuki He managed to find him, He had left the university to go and
to look for, He became friends but did not want to believe.
He was a soldier waiting for orders from his superior.
Norio Suzuki went looking for the commanding officer when he was sent on a mission, the
Greater Yashimi Taniguci who in the meantime he had left the weapon was a newsagent, flight
in the Philippines and ordered: “immediately cease all activities and operations and get
under the command of the nearest officer”.
At last, for him the war was over, He had fought for 29 years, had been
trained to follow orders, and only one of his superiors could stop him.
When he returned home he was hailed as a hero, He had sacrificed himself and had served
After a few years he moved to Brazil, he wrote a book its incredible history and 1996
He returned to Lubang donating a large sum of money to a primary school.
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