Marilyn Monroe. The actress he used to keep in the freezer then wore lingerie

From consummate diva and famous women for attractiveness, Marilyn Monroe he knew how to preserve what Mother Nature had generously given: a physical fantastically feminine.

The otherwise was perhaps his greatest strength and the actress did his best to keep it in great shape, even using simple tricks and strategies but, no doubt, given the results, effective.

We know that star Hollywood, between its various eccentricities (you see: ) Also he used to keep the lingerie in freezer before putting, an aspect of his private life trumpeted from the rooftops to nourish the myth of fatal woman sexy and provocative course, but also a gimmick far from trivial to preserve the beauty of the neckline.

It seems that Marilyn Monroe held her bra (well actually the slip) in freezer for at least half an hour before wearing; the garment had frozen on the skin an immediate toned and tightening effect, which contributed not a little to firm and to support her breasts bursting.

A secret, and not so, within the reach of all, at a time when cosmetic surgery was still only spread as it would have been a few decades later (Photo gives: