Casa Manzoni in Milan

One of the tour most interesting cultural Milano can offer the visitor, It is one of the places where he did most of the life of Alessandro Manzoni, the greatest modern Italian writer and one of the most illustrious artists and intellectuals of all time.

Fortunately Milan still has a lot, We can say everything, what was the background to the existence of private and professional Manzoni: people like me who has a deep passion for her figure, He can not travel to the sites that I indicate below.

Start from home in which the author of Betrothed some, with his family, from 1813 till death: located in Via Gerolamo Morone 1, near Piazza Belgioioso, virtually intact, today is a Museum in which the complex personality of the writer still pervades every corner and object.


Casa Manzoni in Milan: I study

Headquarters National Center of Manzoni studies, interior furnishings are original, including small desk that has seen composing many masterpieces in what studio full of papers, memorabilia and books that hosted, among others, Giuseppe Garibaldi (1862) e Giuseppe Verdi (1868), who visited at the distinguished scholar.

The stately and austere building has a delightful garden that after careful redevelopment work, in 2015 It was opened to the public; lover of botany and gardening, this little green space was one of the main reasons that prompted Manzoni to buy the building.

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When he goes in Via Visconti di Modrone 16, found instead the sober eighteenth century building in which Giulia Beccaria, daughter of Cesare, She gave birth to little promettentissimo Alessandro: was the 7 March 1785 and a plaque on the door reminds, those who pass, the event (click here:

Catholic educated and fervent, Manzoni went to mass in Church of San Fedele, a few steps away from his home; left at altar, a bronze plaque marks the exact spot where he used to gather in prayer.

I funeral the writer took place in the Cathedral, but the body was first exposed for the homage of their fellow citizens and the world in the prestigious Sala Alessi of Palazzo Marino, to finally be translated in Monumental Cemetery, where it still rests.

In the Brera district finally, is the Basilica di San Marco: this is where the 1874, the first anniversary of death, It celebrated the famous Messa da Requiem directed by Verdi, great admirer of Manzoni (Photo gives: e