Maria Teresa d'Austria

Portrait of Maria Theresa of Austria

Skillful policy, most honest and intelligent woman in private and public life, Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780), Empress of Austria, wife of Francis Stephen of Lorraine and loving mother of well 16 sons, including Marie Antoinette of France e Maria Carolina of Naples (see also:, despite the undoubted seriousness shown below each profile, He is also distinguished for the ironic and humorous attitude to life, kept intact, it seems, until the end, as evidenced by the’story following.

Maria Teresa died on the evening of 29 November 1780, a 63 years, in its apartments; when his son Giuseppe, After helping her to bed and after having arranged the pillows, He asked her if she was comfortable enough, he was told: “to die, even too much”.

Soon the great queen, one of the most enlightened eighteenth century, he died leaving, after a period of co-regency, sole heir to the throne (Photo gives: voceisontina.).