Maria Teresa

Portrait of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria

The big Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (1717-1780) He had from the beloved husband Francis Stephen of Lorraine ben 16 sons and, in contrast to what usually happened at that time in the families of such high lineage, he took care of them education personally in a careful and assiduous, even modeling it on their personal attitudes, I look too far from usual in the eighteenth century.

highly intelligent woman, political skills and morality, Maria Teresa was a loving and caring mother, but also severe and often uncompromising: frivolities and tantrums in court were not allowed (you see

For female children in particular, redacted itself a daily schedule that had to be observed point for point without distractions or missing: scrupulous personal hygiene, study and prayer were firm pledges for girls.

A decidedly spartan life of the young princesses short, with a few entertainment.

Also at the table We had to behave in a certain way and were not tolerated complaints and antics of any kind: When Giovanna Gabriella, one time, He refused to eat the fish that had been served, if you saw resubmit, always the same, for days, until he was forced to eat it, after which it was conducted on a visit to a trout farm (Photo gives: