Maria Stuarda

Mary Queen of Scots and her husband Lord Darnley

The Queen of France and Scotland Maria Stuarda (1542-1587) He was an intelligent, passionate woman, but not exactly a model mother.


For probably font, or for other reasons that will be impossible to discover.

What is certain is that the sovereign had a son, Giacomo, born in 1566, future King of England, which he never took personally, and instead he preferred to entrust to the accounts of Var, who grew up with the love and dedication.

On the figure of Giacomo, He certainly was a child he suffered the lack of a true relationship with the august parent, lurk various mystery, almost certainly destined to remain unsolved.

The first concerns its real authorship: who was the son of the guy?

Maria Stuarda

James I Stuart child

Officially Enrico Stuart Lord Darnley, husband of Mary, rough and despotic man that the woman repented of having married soon, But the gossips at court believed that the real father was instead the musician Italian David Rizzio (O Riccio), personal secretary to the Queen, killed in a brutal ambush orchestrated by the same Darnley.

Of course, the truth could only know how the protagonists of the story, but according to one of the greatest biographies ever, Austrian Stefan Zweig, it was probably only talk, resulting from the close relationship and great trust actually instituted between Stuart and the composer, but according to him, He never resulted in a relationship.

But that is not all.

The usual gossips era, insinuated that the little James was dead newborn and literally replaced with one of the sons of the accounts of Var: possible?

We do not know, but a fact rather disturbing, that could be reconnected to the event, She occurred in 1830, When, during some renovation work in the royal apartments, it was found the intact skeleton of an infant wrapped in fine linen with embossed above the monogram of Stuart: who was? (Photo gives: e