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The drawing depicts Charlemagne with one of his most famous wives, Ermengarda. The monarch was an unrepentant womanizer

Charlemagne, King of the Franks and skilled politician, had a rather turbulent private life and fu, as evidenced by the sources, a unrepentant womanizer.

At the large number of could indeed , five, Imiltrude, Desiderata, the sweet Ermengarda memory of Manzoni, Fastrada e Liutgarda, He was added a bevy of amazing concubine, making it perfect idea of ​​the ardor of the monarch.

Charlemagne short, He could not live without women, and had countless lovers, even when the wives were pregnant and even after the death of Luitgard.

Unsurprisingly,, that by these numerous extramarital affairs are born sons, Apparently at least twenty; some of them died before their father, and he was genuinely grieved.

The chronicles of the time report that a very close link, perhaps too, with his daughters, overshadowing a possible ratio of type incestuous, but it could be mere chatter; what is certain, however,, It is that Charlemagne demanded by the girls who remain unmarried for life, so as not to make them away from himself, tolerating more or less lasting or fleeting love affairs, in order to have them always near (Photo gives: