Portrait of Emperor Charlemagne. The monarch had an exceptional physical

The emperor Charlemagne, according to the chronicles, He had an extraordinary physical, all that common in those days (

A detailed portrait of the monarch provides the noble Eginardo, student of Alcuino in York, in his famous work Vita Karoli Magni, also known as Caroli Life, where we read the following:

“He had a wide body and robust, tall, but still not disproportionate, the round top of the head, the very large and lively eyes, the nose a little’ longer than normal, a beautiful white hair, a pleasant and jovial face, which gave him a very influential and dignified appearance and when it was standing when he was sitting.

Although her neck would look fat and too short, and his rather prominent belly, However, the measures corresponding proportion of the other limbs were not note those defects.

He stops gait and all the attitude of the male body, The voice was clear, but less suited to his physical appearance”.

The biography was written with a clear celebratory intent, but we have no reason to think that it does not return a human and truthful portrait of the protagonist physical (Photo gives: