Despite the elevation of rank, Charlemagne It tastes pretty simple, also in’clothing.

Eginardo, Secretary of the sovereign, It informs us in detail about it, entering the following:

“He was dressed in the national costumes of the Franks: to your body wore a linen shirt and linen pants; upstairs, a fringed silk tunic and trousers; then he wrapped his legs with straps and the feet with shoes; indeed of protecting your back and chest with a doublet of otter or mouse skin; He wore a blue cloak and encircled always a dagger, who had the hilt and bandolier of gold and silver.

At times it also served a sword adorned with jewels, but only during major festivals and receptions of foreign ambassadors.

On festival days was covered with a robe embroidered with gold, He wore shoes adorned with gems, He stops the mantle with a gold buckle and is also adorned with a gold tiara and precious stones; other days instead, her clothing differed little from that common and popular”.

therefore, as can be seen, luxury was relegated to special occasions, feasts, official ceremonies and diplomatic meetings, while sobriety was the norm (Photo gives: