the diary of anne frank

Some pages of the Diary of Anne Frank

The Anne Frank Foundation, with a tweet, announced the discovery of two pages remained unknown until today the famous Diary of Anne Frank.

Research conducted by two team expert, coordinated by the foundation itself, the original fact finding, an old and fragile notebook and therefore analyzed only once every ten years, It allowed to decipher what is reported in two pages on which the girl had pasted a brown paper to prevent, probably, They are approached by parents, given the content “scabroso” the same: jokes a bit’ bold, reflections on sexuality, notes on the menstrual cycle and even allegations of an alleged homosexuality of his maternal uncle.

The reported data is that of the 28 September 1942; about three months later, evidently for a “tip”, Anna and her family, discovered by the Nazis in Amsterdam attic where they had taken refuge for some time, They were deported to the death camp where Jewish young he died due to an infection.

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