Ready for the table. A wealthy Florentine merchant of the Medici era, could afford, generally, very expensive food

If we had the chance to be invited to lunch by a the '500 Florentine bourgeois, the typical social class, time, of merchants, There certainly would be facing a menu rich and well, more than I could be the one proposed by a Florentine poorer (

John Lucas Dubreton, in his famous book Daily life in Florence at the time of the Medici, It illuminates us in this direction bringing the most commonly used in the situation just described dishes.

Typically the meal started with melon, which followed the berlingozzo, a sweet made from flour, sugar and eggs, after which gave the start to flow more substantial, or boiled capons, sausage with calf, stew, roast chickens, or Cake, doves and pheasants, or again, prank call.

A diet, as can be seen, anything but light and dietetics, based mainly on meat and game, expensive foods, not everyone could afford.

And since throat and spirit had to go hand in hand, to make the most cheerful and friendly atmosphere, the whole was accompanied by good music, in particular that of castanets and the scacciapensieri, two instruments then in vogue (Photo gives: