Shooting Mata Hari


At the end of a process far from fair, Sun, pseudonym Margaret Gertrude Zelle, ( He was sentenced to death for shooting and to no avail attempts to commute the sentence in a detention or to make use of the pardon.

The execution took place on a cold and foggy morning autumn, the 15 October 1917, a Vincennes.

All present, The woman's lawyer, the nuns who had cared for her in the last period, the prison doctor and the same soldiers assigned to kill her, a platoon Zouaves, They remained struck by the serenity and, in a sense, by arrogance shown by “Sexy spy” in such a dramatic moment; strong and proud, without any hesitation, she asked not to be tied to the pole (The contented in part, seems, leaving very slow rope) and he stood, head erect, to await his hour.

Throughout the victim received four strokes, of which the heart was the fatal one.

About the event, largely mysterious, also because it took place in haste and in secret, They have sprung anecdotes difficult to verify; among others, it is said that Mata Hari, as if she was a consummate actress, He has received death sending kisses to his executioners (Photo gives: