the right of the first night

Lo right of the first night, Contrary to what many believe, it was only a fee due to the lord

Cos'era, really, the the right of the first night?

On this rule in effect for much of’Middle Ages, It does a little’ of confusion.

The majority of people, if you questioned about, He responds sure that it did nothing but made for the right of the feudal lord spend the wedding night with the legitimate wives of his subjects, then, practically, this would be a heinous injustice perpetrated by the powerful at the expense of their subordinates.

Actually this is not true: almost certainly, the the right of the first night It consisted only in a fee the gentleman asked to give its consent to the marriage.

It can be considered still a bully, but compared to the time in which it is situated and to the society of the time model, based on hierarchically distinct roles, and among them light years away, It is not cause for astonishment and, anyway, it was still far less severe and the other hypothesis bearable (Photo gives: