Burning witches

In Middle Ages burned the witches.

They all take for granted, however the truth is otherwise.

Actually clichés, beliefs and myths to debunk the Middle Ages (and not only) They are many and this is just one among the most popular.

How things really are, therefore?

The terrible fires where women were burned alive judged guilty of witchcraft, regarded the period following that medieval, or the '500 and' 600; the documents in our possession well attest 3000 executions in northern Italy at the beginning of the sixteenth century and beyond 10000 only in Poland in the seventeenth century.

The Inquisition, actually created in the Middle Ages (you see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/9080/medioevo/quando-nacque-linquisizione), He had the task to find and punish any heretics (almost always with anything but orthodox methods and means), but it had to do with the so-called witches much less than is commonly believed (Photo gives: napolipost.com).