A typical medieval public bathroom, actually a place of prostitution

As was seen the Prostitution in the Middle Ages?

In principle badly, but in much less made.

The sexuality out of wedlock she was considered sinful and therefore always wrong, but over time it became more tolerant (and hypocrites) with regard to “oldest profession in the world”, judged a kind of necessary evil that you could not do without.

The reasons were mainly two: on the one hand prostitution served to check the lowest sexual instincts and to avoid rapes, numerous and justified even if the victim was a woman of humble origins, the other was useful to husbands dissatisfied, seen that moral dictates era, Also in the conjugal scope, They were very rigid and predicted many days of abstinence during the year (for example during Lent).

This explains the widespread, between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, of equipped and seemingly innocent public bathrooms, within which actually were hidden brothels with lots of rooms, beds and expert “masseuses” (you see

The evidence was clear to all, but was content to keep these places far from the sacred buildings and, even better, outside the city walls.

Needless to say, the indulgence granted to husbands unfulfilled, or that these were thought, It was not just allowed their wives, that met or not, certain distractions could scordarsele (Photo gives: