Clare and Francis History, Chiara Frugoni, Einaudi

Here's an interesting book and pleasant to read about two of the greatest personalities of our Middle Ages: Clare and Francis History, of Chiara Frugoni, Einaudi.

We are at Assisi, in the twelfth century: two young wealthy and educated, destined to inherit the privileges and honors belong to family, at some point of their lives they realize that the world is more and decide, with joy and awareness, to change radically the road, dedicating himself to the next, or better the last, following the letter of the Gospel message.

Start Francis, Chiara, which considers him a master, a friend, a guide, a confidant and a brother, it follows the example: will become, both, beloved saints and milestones of Catholicism.

The author, expert medievalist and excellent teacher who I had the honor of knowing personally at the University during my studies, for the player to delve further into the story and step into the shoes of the protagonists, adopts an original literary device, to let them speak directly, a feature that makes them more vivid and closer and that helps to follow ahead faster human and spiritual path.

The text gives way to realize fully the modern and the timeless appeal of Francis and Clare of Assisi, two boys of the Middle Ages in some respects similar to the boys of every age, idealistic and eager to change the world, but animated by quell'ineguagliabile and unwavering love for God, which was the beacon that can light up the whole of their lives.

A biography that seems a novel, whose highly recommend reading to all those who follow Pills History.

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