A rich banquet in Ancient Rome. Flatulenze, belching, vomit and urine, with meals, were the norm

The ancient Roman, as known, They were not masters fashionable and endless banquets who used to keep are a clear testimony.

While it may seem impossible to believe, the dirt and bad habits accompanying them, seen through the eyes of today, literally make his skin crawl.

judge for yourself.

The chilling custom of to throw up in the middle of the meal using vessels brought stoically (and supported) by slaves (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/10462/storia-antica/banchetti-nellantica-roma-schiavi-per-raccogliere-il-vomito), was just one of snazziness that characterized the era banquets, they were admitted and promptly issued noisy flatulenze, but also decisively advocated belching high volume, synonymous with the liking of the food offered.

It does not end here.

As if it were not already quite painful having to pick up the vomit of diners, the servants, wandering between the triclinia, equipped with special and elegant glass containers, they also had to worry about offering them at the appropriate time to those who need to urinary.

All the while the guests continued to gorge themselves to bursting.

Even throwing the food scraps on the floor It was the norm, but given the other, it was not even the worst (Photo gives: romanoimpero.com).